When it comes to the perfect accessories for you and your ladies, Fluff's got you covered.

Some of the photos below show bridesmaids picking out their jewelry as they are getting ready before the ceremony. Such a special memory and a guaranteed hit! Receive a 10% discount on purchases of 5 accessories or more!

We've provided brides and bridesmaids with wedding accessories several times over the years, and have had so much fun that we're now offering it as a service! We are happy to meet one-on-one with brides to learn about the vision they have for their special day and to provide them the opportunity to either select from various styles, or custom design the pieces they and/or their bridesmaids will wear.

This has been a great option for our brides as they get to provide their beloved girlfriends with a beautiful, timeless gift they'll wear for years to come, as well as know that these lovely ladies are going to look stunning walking down the isle on the big day.

As an added bonus-

We offer the option for brides to allow their bridesmaids to MAKE or CHOOSE the pieces they will receive.

Check out the options below for description and pricing. As always, please contact owner/artist Solymar Palm with questions and to learn more about the possibilities.

Options & Pricing

Option 1: NEW!! DIY Fluff Parties! A fun way for you and your bridesmaids to CREATE your own timeless jewelry. This can be a "kill two birds with one stone" type scenario. Make this a bachelorette party and it doubles as your gift to bridesmaids! Talk about bang for your buck! Learn more about Fluff Parties here.

Option 2: Schedule a time to meet with owner/artist Solymar Palm at her studio in the heart of the Live-Work-Create district of Garden City so you can choose the jewelry your bridesmaids will receive. Price = cost of jewelry only with a 10% discount on purchases of 5 pieces or more. No additional service fee.

Option 3: Schedule a time to meet at the afore mentioned studio in Garden City and together you and Solymar can design custom jewelry for your beloved bridesmaids. Price = $35 for a 1 hour design session + the standard retail cost of the jewelry designed. 10% discount on jewelry for purchases of 5 pieces or more.

Option 4: If you're having a local or nearby wedding (within a 2 hour drive of Boise - McCall & Stanley acceptable) Solymar can come to the wedding at a scheduled time with an arsenal of jewelry, put them beautifully on display, and you and your bridesmaids can pick your own pieces. Price = in Boise, Meridian, Nampa, or Caldwell, service fee is $50 + standard retail cost of the jewelry chosen with a $100 minimum purchase (not including service fee). 10% discount applies to jewelry purchases over 5 pieces. To travel beyond Boise and surrounding areas, apply an additional $35 per hour travel fee to cover time and expenses. For example: a Garden Valley wedding would cost travel time of 1 hour to get there ($35), one our to get back ($35), plus service fee ($50) and minimum jewelry purchase ($100). So here's the break down: $35 + $35 + $50 + $100 = $220.

Ready to book? Either contact Solymar or fill out our form below to get the ball rolling. We can't wait to hear from you!

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