FLUFF HARDWARE for Boise Period Project


Purchase now to help Boise’s homeless and low income community get the ❤️ they need each month. 100% of proceeds go to Boise Period Project


As you may know, we at Fluff aim to foster confidence, courage and leadership in women and girls through everything we do including our community partnerships. 


This month we are selling these two pairs of earrings with


going directly to Boise Period Project to secure much needed tampons for the homeless and low income community of Boise - because let’s be real, we need our basics covered first and foremost! 



Click to purchase your special BPP Earrings now and help provide tampons to those who need them most! 


If you’re not in the mood for a new pair of Fluff earrings but would still like to make a donation, head over to boiseperiodproject.com to see how you can help!

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Boise Period Project gathers menstrual hygiene products to create period packs for the local homeless community in Boise. They distribute and connect directly to the community and homeless shelters. They also aim to end the stigmas that surround both periods and homelessness.

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 If you or an organization you love would like to work with the Fluff ladies on a project or cause close to your heart, please get a hold of us!


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